About Virgin Money Online
  • Is it safe to use Virgin Money Online to manage my Accounts?

    We'll always do everything we can to keep your online transactions safe and secure. We've invested in 128 bit SSL technology and we have a range of security initiatives in place that are part of our ongoing commitment to making your online activity as safe as it can be. Find out more about how serious we take the security of your Accounts here.

  • When can I use Virgin Money Online?

    You can use Virgin Money Online wherever you have access to the internet and your mobile phone handy anywhere in the world, 24/7 however it's important to know that we recommend you don't use public or shared computers in places such as internet cafe's. If you do need to use a public or shared computer in an emergency before you submit any information through the website, look for the padlock icon on your browser and that the website address starts with https://, and never let anyone see you enter your login and security details, either on the actual or on-screen keyboard. It's also important to never leave the computer once you've logged in and to completely log out when you've finished using the 'sign out' button.

    Remember you can also manage your Accounts over the phone. Just give us a call on 13 37 39 (or +61 2 8288 2222 if you're overseas) and follow the prompts. You'll need your Virgin Credit Card or Virgin Saver Account number and your Telephone Personal Identification Number (TPIN) with you. If you can't remember your TPIN, just give us a call and we'll reset this for you and send you a new one.

  • How do I view my account activity in more detail?

    To view your accounts in more detail, click on the Account name visible on the Account Home page and enter the required
    One-Time PIN (OTP).

  • Can I customise the names of my accounts?

    Yes, you can customise the names of your accounts. Simply click the 'Manage Accounts Display' link and select the account in the list, then add or edit Account Nicknames.

  • What Accounts can I manage in Virgin Money Online?

    You can manage your Virgin Credit Card and Virgin Saver in Virgin Money Online.

  • What can I manage in Virgin Money Online?

    You can manage many requests once you're logged into Virgin Money Online, from seeing your Account statement to increasing your Virgin Credit Card limit or setting up a Regular Savings Plan. Check out everything you can do by selecting 'Payments & Transfers' or 'Services' from the top navigation.

  • How do I send an email in Virgin Money Online?

    You can send us a secure email by clicking on the 'Messages' link from your 'Home' page or head to the 'My Profile' section from the 'Services' top menu.

  • How can I obtain a copy of the Terms and Conditions on using Virgin Money Online?

    You can find these in the 'Virgin Money Online (Internet Banking)' section of the 'Non Cash Payment Facilities' Terms & Conditions. We recommend that you read these Terms and Conditions carefully so that you're fully aware of how they relate to your use of
    Virgin Money Online. You can download a copy from our website at any time.

  • What if I am unable to set up an ATM PIN online or don’t have access to the internet?

    A: The fastest and easiest way to set up your ATM PIN is online, however if you are not able to do it online, just give our Customer Care Team a call on 13 37 39 (or +61 2 8288 2222) and they will be able to send one out to you in the mail.
    It will take between 5 -7 business days to arrive to you.
    Please note, you can only change your ATM PIN online.

  • What do I do if I have forgotten or wish to change my ATM PIN?

    You can change your PIN via the following steps:

    1) Sign in to Virgin Money Online and select 'My Profile' from the 'Services' menu option (located on the top menu bar)

    2) Click on 'My Profile' in the left hand navigation and select the 'Change ATM PIN' option

    3) Enter your One-Time PIN (OTP) (if required)

    4) On the Change ATM PIN page, enter your new ATM PIN in the field provided, then re-enter it again to confirm

    5) Click 'Change PIN' to validate.

  • What should I do if I think my Account has been compromised?

    We take the security of your Accounts very seriously and have put in place measures to protect you however, if for any reason you ever suspect your Account has been compromised in any way, call us immediately on 13 37 39 (or +61 2 8288 2222 if you're outside Australia).

  • How do I enable Pop-up windows for Virgin Money Online?

    If you have troubles with pop-ups being blocked on Virgin Money Online, you can set Virgin Money Online as a trusted Pop-up site using the following steps on Internet Explorer 6 or Windows XP:

    - Select the 'Tools' option from the top of your browser window

    - Select 'Pop-up' Blocker, and then click on 'Pop-up Blocker Settings'. Type the Virgin Money Online web address with an asterisk at the beginning (e.g.*my.virginmoney.com.au) into the 'Address' of Web site to allow box then click 'Add'

    - Click 'Close'.

  • Do I need to download any special software to use Virgin Money Online?

    Virgin Money Online is fully browser-based so no extra software is required however you will need the latest version of Adobe Reader in order to view your statements within Virgin Money Online.

  • Do you use cookies on Virgin Money Online?

    Some helpful cookies are used in Virgin Money Online for your convenience. Cookies allow you to bypass some viewing content, such as the Terms and Conditions each time when logging in, which you would've already read when you applied for your Account. If our Terms and Conditions do change or are updated, we'll let you know when you next login.

  • Why doesn't the browser BACK or FORWARD command work in Virgin Money Online?

    The browser BACK or FORWARD navigation commands are disabled while you're signed in to Virgin Money Online for your security. Please only use the navigation buttons presented within the Virgin Money Online window.

  • Who should I call if I'm having any issues using Virgin Money Online?

    If experiencing an issue using Virgin Money Online we're here to help so just give us a call on 13 37 39 (or +61 2 8288 2222 if you're outside Australia), however to save you time we do ask that you've read the following FAQ's first to see if they address the issue you're experiencing.

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