Minimum System Requirements

We recommend that you always use supported and updated browsers to ensure your online access is secure.

Web Browser / Operating Systems
Google Chrome 101.x or above
Microsoft Edge 101.x or above
Firefox 91.8.0 or above
Safari 15.x
Safari 15.x Mobile
Chrome Mobile on Android
Windows 10 Mac OS 10.15 or above
iPhone with OS-15.x iPad/iPad mini with OS-14.x Samsung Galaxy with Android 11.0
X X (Safari 14.x)  

You can download the latest browsers from:

Microsoft Edge

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox


NOTE: We do not recommend that you download beta versions since they are experimental and may undergo significant changes before they are released. Please only download the recommended versions mentioned above.

If you are not ready to upgrade your browser, or don't use one of these operating systems, you can still visit our site. Should the browser be rejected, you will need to upgrade your browser from the recommended links above and they can be usually downloaded for free from the company's website.

How can I tell which browser version I am using?

For Windows users:

  • Edge - Menu > Settings > About Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox - Menu > Help > About Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome - Wrench icon, top right corner > About Google Chrome

For Mac users:

  • Safari – Safari > About Safari
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